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Welcome to the website of Sveinsstadir ICELAND




Oli has got many horses for training, but if you are interested, he has some spots still left

Our son, Oli is now the farmer and horse trainer at Sveinsstadir.  He has many horses for training.  Last some months he has been teaching in the riding school at Holar.  A student from Holar will work with  Oli this winter and he is also looking for more help, because he will have many horses for training.


Oil’s girlfriend is Inga Soley.  Along with the horse business they have 250 sheep. 



Please look to those pictures from our stable
pitcure2 pitcure3 pitcure4

Íslenskir kaupendur.

Íslenskir kaupendur.Höfum úrval hrossa. Gerið okkur tilboð ef ykkur finnst verðið of hátt. Höfum stutt video til að senda í tölvupósti. Ef enskan er illskiljanleg bið jið okkur um lýsingu á einstökum hrossum. Erum í sambandi við flesta ræktendur í Húnaþingi og getum útvegað fjölbreytt úrval hrossa. Reynið okkar þjónustu.

Fishing license.

We can provide information and book a spot for you to angling (fish) on the spectacular Vatnsdalsa River, which runs through our farm. The Vatnsdalsa River is considered to be one of the best salmon and trout rivers in Iceland.
The trout area angling.is/Vatnsdalsa/silungur

The salmon area

A flying farmer

I fly my own airplane, a Chesna HAUK XP. I fly a lot in the fall and use the plane to locate lost sheep and horses in the highlands during the annual round-ups.

We have some new pitcures of horses.




       Trillusonur              Stund            Raudur  Snilld         Oli and Gaski

Look to this really nice foal, white with a red head or those two silver drapple mares, 4 years old.  The grey mare is only 2 yearrs old.

Please look also to

to know about other horses we have for sale

We can also send you a short video clips by Email

We have also got some youngsters for sale. Please take a look.

Would you like to ride with our in the lake look here.
Please look to:
A trip to Iceland
For more imformations contact our at mao@centrum.is

Magnus Olafsson
Bjorg Thorgilsdottir
Oli, Inga Soley, Gilsi and Elin Osk.

541 Blonduos
Tel 452 4495 or 898 5695

We are a family of farmers who have lived on and farmed this land for over 400 years. We are a dairy farm, which raises sheep, and breeds excellent Icelandic horses!
Our farm is located in the Northwestern area of Iceland.

Horses for sale:

Throughout the year we have various kinds of horses for sale, from top competition and breeding horses, to enjoyable family and pleasure horses. If we do not have the horse you want on our sale list, we can help you locate your "dream horse". We are in constant contact with top breeders and trainers in the Hunavatnssysla region and have access to a great selection of excellent horses!!

We sell horses from more than 30 horse breeders in collaboration with The Horsebreeders Association of Eastern and Western Hunavatnssysla.
We pride ourselves in personal service that you can trust. Allow us to help you to find your dream horse!

This is our farm. We live with the road one between Reykjavik and Akureyri. Feel free to visit.


Please look to

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your dream horse or organize your fishing trip on our lovely river."It is our commitment to sell only top quality horses. We pride ourselves in being able to match the right horse with the right rider!"

Please Email us MAO@CENTRUM.IS

Some pitcures of horses:

Look to the pinto stallion. Gammur from Steinnesi, first prize, four gaited. I have some offspring of him for sale.

Click on the photos to get a bigger one if you would like.

Please Email us MAO@CENTRUM.IS

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